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provides dynamic and efficient informational support of players’ and teams’ participation in competitions using the most effective methods of marketing and PR.


carry out event and PR­ projects in sports industry. They also provide all the services concerning legal support and sponsor relations for players and teams. Law department specialists successfully work with the most problematic situations of key sports business negotiations.


is one of the key departments of the agency. A production studio operated by professional cameramen, editing directors, copywriters and designers create advertising, documentary, cinema, music and promotional videos.


our powerhouse team, was handpicked for specialties in mobile app development, enterprise software, and animation services.


RaceFace Sports Management & Media has been working for more than 14 years in the sphere of sports management.

From the moment of its creation, our production studio produces more than 1000 hours of sports video every year, the audience of which is millions of people all over the world. Our work can be seen through active promotions via Internet, documentary and promotional videos, everything being broadcasted by 20 TV channels in different parts of the world.

Our clients are professional teams and players from different countries, which share the need of having the most accurate image in the sphere of highlevel sports industry.

Hours of sport video every year
Years in the sphere of sports management
TV-channels are broadcasting RaceFace's videos all over the world
High-professional specialists working as a team


Media Agency

Media Agency

Media Relations / Sport Event Informational Support / Players', Teams' Careers Informational Support - Please check below for full information concerning our Media Agency services.

Sports Management

Sports Management

Legal Support / Players, Teams, Sport Events Marketing / Public Relations / Events / Sponsor Relations - Please check below for full information concerning our Sport Management services

Image Projects

Image Projects

Documentary and Promotional Video - Please check below for full information concerning our Image Projects services

IT Developments

IT Developments

Mobile app development, enterprise software, and animation services. Please check below for full information concerning our IT Development services.


Any team, player or club, being in a professional sports league, is to become a hero of a number of journalistic reports. Accurate communication with media channels builds a brand in the most effective way, having as a result, a direct and certain effect on relationships with sponsors, communication with partners and government representatives. The relations with the media in this industry require a special approach, because specialisation of sports journalists is extremely narrow. There are not so many professional journalists in the sports industry, so it is important to establish loyal relationships with the representatives of key sports press.

Media relations are built by RaceFace Sports Management & Media in several stages. It begins with the analysis of newspapers, websites, radio and television programs that cover sports news. On the basis of this analysis we make a list of media that describes key authors, the release dates, the printing time, contacts and many other useful information for further communication with the media. Different press-events go after these stages: PR-events, special events for press, the distribution of exclusive information.

Building effective relationships with the media will certainly lead to a dynamic communication, which strengthens the brand and raises popularity of the sports club, team or player.


The organization of sports events includes many details which are necessary to be taken into account. However, there is a special area in the sphere of event-management-provision of informational support of the event.

First of all, a list of potentially interested representatives of the media is made. RaceFace Sports Management & Media´s team proposes them a special press kit with information about the sports club, team or player that is an organiser or a participant of this event. If necessary, we can also organise a special press-event that is to allow journalists to collect the maximum amount of information for future publications. The final stage is press monitoring, analysis and reporting about the communication results.


The career of a player or a team is usually full of remarkable events: win, lose, participation in legendary competitions… Society has always been interested in professional sports. People also need to get more information – all this is provided by the media.

To build a strong brand of a club, a player or a team it is very important for the press to tell about these events or players efficiently and in an interesting way. All this affects the relationships with sponsors, fans and the attention of the communication with the public authorities.

Professional journalists, copywriters, operators, managers and PR-specialists of RaceFace Sports Management & Media are ready to ensure a systematic and conceptually tuned informational support of the players, teams and sports clubs.


Legal relations in sports industry have their own specific features, that’s why it is not always a good decision to work with a multifunctional specialist. It would be better to turn to lawyers who have the experience of working with sport organizations, teams or players. Legal support of teams and players by the specialists of RaceFace Sports Management & Media consider permanent support in the sphere of law questions, including oral and written consultations, legal audit of sports organization’s activity, developing contracts, claims and law-suits, legal support of job relationships.

The range of services of RaceFace Sports Management & Media in the sphere of legal support includes:

– oral and written legal consultation
– debt collection
– legal audit of internal documents, employment agreements, developing projects of contracts and other documents
– checking out the reliability of counterparties (unlimited number of times per month)
– legal assistance in disputes with employees, other sports organizations, agents, etc
– sports officiating institutions representation


Sports marketing is very different from standard marketing strategies, because sport is an incredibly complicated, multi-specialty and fascinating phenomenon. It includes millions of people and organisations: players, teams, sports business actors, journalists, representatives of government institutions, non-profit associations, sports clubs and, of course, fans. Sports marketing requires special and integrated approach taking into account all the dynamics of professional sport. Marketing team of RaceFace Sports Management & Media uses individual approach to each client, taking into account the value of a brand in relationships between the subjects of sports industry. Among the marketing services provided by our company is consulting and practical implementation of marketing projects.

The range of services of RaceFace Sports Management & Media in the sphere of sports marketing includes:

– market research
– marketing strategy development
– a system of marketing communications building
– marketing consulting
– direct-marketing
– event-marketing
– digital-marketing
– advertising campaigns


Image of a team, a player or a sports club is one of the key factors in sports industry, that determines their relationships with other actors of the market. PR-specialists of RaceFace Sports Management & Media understand how to work with the brand in sports and what tools will be the most effective. We are able to create a one-time PR-campaign, providing effective information support of it, and develop a PR-strategy for a long period, beginning from a visual image of the brand and ending with establishing contacts with representatives of the media for a permanent and active communication.

The range of services of RaceFace Sports Management & Media in the sphere of Public Relations includes:

– PR-campaigns development
– Building of long-term media relations
– Preparation of the individual list of sports media for a team, player, sports club
– Media monitoring
– Creation of a pool of the journalists loyal to the brand, newsworthy development
– Preparation of analytical, advertising, informational and PR-materials for media: press-releases, advertisements, PR-articles, media-kits, etc
– Organisation of PR-events


Event-management in the sphere of sports requires a special approach. It is necessary to take a lot of factors into account – place, lists of guests, planning, media relations, etc. The team of RaceFace Sports Management & Media can provide all this services. More than 12-years’ experience allows us to control all the details of the event – sport competition, press-conference of a player or a team and other types.

The range of services of RaceFace Sports Management & Media in the sphere of event-management includes:

– Working out of a concept of the event
– Scheduling
– Choosing of a venue
– Communication with partners
– Media relations
– Project realisation
– Analysis


Most sports clubs, teams and players are in need of day-to-day sponsorship. This allows them to grow and develop, while focusing only on the achievement of success in sport competitions. The team of RaceFace Sports Management & Media can provide full support in the process of concluding arrangements for sponsorship. We’ll consider all your needs and help with key issues of the contract between the subject of the sports industry and the potential sponsor.

The range of services of RaceFace Sports Management & Media in the sphere of Sponsor Relations includes:

– Commercial offer developing
– Making a list of potential sponsors, communication establishment
– Sponsorship legal support
– Ensuring compliance with contractual obligations connected with sponsorship


Documentary and promotional videos are often key components of a brand-book of a sports club, a team or a player. The film that tells about a landmark competition or a player’s career will be a brand identity and will seriously help in the process of creating a successful image.

Production studio RaceFace Sports Management & Media has great experience in promotional and documentary video production.

Our specialists will define your target audience, specify the main goals and develop an original script. Then, professional operators, directors and editors will create a video with the original conception, that will successfully demonstrate the sponsors, colleagues and fans.

One-time investment in a quality documentary or promotional video will remain a successful tool for promotion of sports events, teams or players for a long time.


IT in-house development team allows us to fuse in a whole almost all the tasks involved in a project. By the creation and application of intuitive and dedicated software and apps, our engineers can develop and power up our strategies.

It ́s an end-to-end digital product development studio focused on emerging technologies. Capable of developing great looking and functioning apps through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, & cross-platform development.

We have the skills, the performance, competency, quality and availability of technology to handle in a more exible and responsive way what your problems are going to be and chase you down until we solve them.

By building this deep relationship, we can serve clients at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Integration, marketing, and maintenance services are also available to clients seeking a turnkey solution.

Filmmaking Technics

Rally Raids Media Center

The mobile editing studio based on VolksWagen Crafter 4 x 4. Processing and transmission of video and photo materials from anywhere in the world. 3 fixed mounting stations based on Apple FinalCut.

Cineflex Setup

The most effective option for including dramatic and aerial material in your production. Ideal for live action film rides.

Red One Cinema Setup

Equipped with the ultimate recording digital cameras. Providing a superb performance with the highest resolution.

Aerial Shots Equipment

One of the essential concepts and techniques of motion picture camerawork and allied of sports film making.

Toyota LC T2 Press Cars

Special cars for access to remote places. Cars are equipped with FIA safety standards in the category of T2 and up to 4 people from media group.

Mac Visual Studio Community

End-to-end solutions to meet demanding quality and scale needs by the use of fully-featured profesional tools.

"Born from the lifestyle of action sports. High end services"

Our Team

RaceFace Sports Management & Media consists of 35 high-professional specialists. Among our team we can find professionals at: production, camera, edition, photography, journalism, marketing, management, law, apps & software designers and programmers, etc.

Effective communication among all the specialists allows us to realize serious, multi-tasking projects. Due to balance of energy and experience, our team has the opportunity to gain the highest results in the shortest period of time.

Ilya Rouss

Head of European division

Diego Tracogna

Projects manager / European division

Paula Sirvent Santos

Design and Visual Merchandiser

Sasha Rouss

Art Director

Nikolay Pigarev

Head of audiovisual department

Lukas Lauda

European motorsports advisor

Paul Soira

1st Editor / Cameraman

Victor Gurov

2nd Editor / Cameraman

Ernst Hawkings

Head of Production Department

Spencer Lowen

1st Production Assistant

Maurice Lepont

Head of IT Department

Valentin Rouss

IT Development

Mariano Faraone

IT Design Unit

Vera Sanders

Merchandising Department

Matt Stewart


Laurent Bourrelly

Social Engeneering, Digi-Media

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